Rescued Paws Matter....

LPAC is a No-Kill 501(c)3 Nonprofit Animal Rescue Group located in Battle Ground, Indiana dedicated to homeless at-risk feral/stray kitties that are sick, injured and/or motherless kittens. 

We take pride in transforming kitties of all ages that have suffered unnecessary neglect. 

​At LPAC, our focus is to provide top-notch medical attention & rehabilitation in a loving, respectful and attentive family environment. We offer both temporary & lifelong programs to kitties in need.

LPAC proudly offers TNR services to areas lacking assistance. TNR services are only offered when funds are available. Trap Neuter Release is the most humane choice to help decrease the overpopulation of unwanted litters. TNR kitties that are happier & best suited in their outside elements, are always released back to their colony within 72 hours of their spay/neuter surgery; unless, further recovery time is needed.

We do not recommend relocation of feral cats, unless they are in an unsafe environment. All colonies require a dedicated caretaker.

We do not accept owner surrendered pets.

We do not have the barn program or cats available for adoption for “outside purposes.”

My name is Phield, I am a TNR & live on the LPAC property.

Please consider a $35 donation to help LPAC save the lives of countless other kitties like me. I am no longer able to contribute to the overpopulation and I often walk away from potential confrontation with other cats. I'm much healthier now too!

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Thank you for your life-savings gift.