Founded in 2018, Loving Paws Animal Center has a simple mission and simple goals: provide care and find homes for surrendered pets and found animals, as well as offer education and support services to the public regarding the treatment of animals.


Teresa Fee

Founder and Board Chair

Teresa is passionate about protecting all living creatures, cats holding a very special place in her heart. She was always concerned about homeless animals growing up and has been helping animals in need since 2002.

In June 2014, Teresa rescued a tiny black kitten named "Little Man" from a cornfield behind her house. Small, 3 weeks old, and terrified of humans, he changed Teresa's life. She will never forget the moment she got down on the floor and he bravely touched his lips with hers. That exchange of trust formed an inseparable bond. Little Man lived with brain damage and often was sick with chronic upper respiratory infections. In other ways, he was just like any other kitten – loving, carefree, playful, and grateful to be saved. Little Man died at age 2 ½ on December 13th, 2016. After that, Teresa started crafting a plan for a very particular rescue organization. She had promised Little Man to fight and help as many animals as possible.

With the help and support of her daughters, husband, and a few friends, Teresa started Loving Paws Animal Center in 2018. Although we are a young organization, our mission remains the same – to rescue, treat, and house homeless felines in a loving, respectful, and attentive family environment. Our goal is to save as many at-risk, homeless kittens and cats as possible and give them a chance at a happy forever home. We also have a trap/neuter/return program and support feral cats that prefer to live outdoors. Finally, we provide lifelong care to non-adoptable cats, and lovingly hold those that leave us too soon.


Kayla Jones

Kayla's primary responsibilities at LPAC are to accurately record meeting notes. She is the daughter of the LPAC founder and is committed to making a real difference for these animals. Her primary job is in restaurant service.

Vice President

Keesha Lancaster

Keesha's primary responsibilities at LPAC are fostering, transport to veterinary care, and administrative tasks. She is the daughter of the LPAC founder and is proud to be part of a team who loves and cares for animals as much as she does.


Kevin Grant

Kevin's primary responsibilities at LPAC are financial reporting and tax preparation. His primary job is a tax, investment, and financial consultant for Family Tax and Financial Services, LLC.

Outreach Coordinator

Krystal Johnston

Krystal's primary responsibilities at LPAC are organizing fundraising efforts, helping publicize those efforts, and forging ties with local businesses and organizations to foster visibility for LPAC. She also serves as a foster home for kittens and cats in the rescue. Her primary job is Scientific Communications Scientist/Medical Writer in the medical device arena at Cook Research Incorporated.

Media Coordinator

Rachel Rettig

Rachel's primary responsibilities at LPAC include making fundraising videos to raise awareness about the organization and mission. She is passionate about animal rescue and informally rescued/homed several stray animals in Battle Ground, IN personally before she joined LPAC. Her primary job is a Software Developer for Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) in Carmel, IN.

Techincal Support

Nicholas Johnston

Nicholas' primary responsibilities at LPAC are providing computer-related support (e.g., image editing). In October 2020, he began to facilitate organization of day-to-day financial records to allow creation of budgets and facilitate timely completion of tax documents.