Cost of Vetting:
*Feral Cat Package: $42
*Feral Cat Pckg Plus: $59 includes 4 in 1 distemper combo vaccine
*Stray (friendly) Cat Package: $55
*Stray Cat Pckg Plus: $72 includes 4 in 1 distemper combo vaccine
*Male Kitties: $65 (Neuter, FVRCP & 1 year Rabies Vaccines)
*Female Kitties: $70 (Spay, FVRCP & 1 year Rabies Vaccines)
Additional $17 per male/female for FeLV vax.                            

All our pets undergo veterinary screenings and treatment prior to being made available for adoption. Kitties with injuries and/or illnesses are treated accordingly.

LPAC also tests kitties for the following:

* Co-existing in a home with other felines/canines (not all kitties are tested - depending on the case)
* Human contact aggression towards children, men & women
* Food aggression/guarding

We provide rehabilitation/socialization to felines that are under-socialized regardless of age. Adoption availability is case by case.

Veterinary care is never ending, therefore, we have adoption fees in place according to age, breed and special needs. Donations are greatly appreciated and help us to save countless lives.

Kitties that appear sick or have evident wounds are tested for FIV/FeLV if recommended by the vet prior to vaccination. FIV/FeLV test: $27

All healthy & adoptable kitties are spayed/neutered, receive a 1 year rabies vaccine, 4in1 (distemper combo) vaccine, and age/weight appropriate flea & dewormer treatments.

Feral & Stray Cat Packages include spay/neuter, 3 year rabies vaccine, 1 month flea treatment & mandatory ear-tip. TNR kitties will receive an injectable dewormer & FeLV vax if funds are available at that time.

Veterinary Care For Our Rescues